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Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

After years of protecting your home, your roof may start to wear out. Things like broken shingles, leaks, and rotten decking are a sign that you may need a roof replacement. South Florida Roofing  provides professional replacement services at affordable prices. Our team is dependable and skilled, and each roofer has years of training and experience.

When we replace a roof, we start by removing the existing rooftop. The replacement process includes shingles, tiles, and any damaged substrate. We replace the damaged and aged parts of your roof with new ones, using high-quality materials that are designed to last for many years. 

If your roof requires constant repairs and maintenance, installing a new roof could save you time and money. Experts recommend replacing your roof every 15-20 years, depending on the materials used to build it. However, there are a few warning signs that you may need to replace your roof. They include:

An inspector or roofing professional can also help you determine when you need a roof replacement. If your roof doesn’t need to be replaced yet, our team can offer repairs instead. 

Your Unique Roofing Needs

Roof replacement amounts to a total reset, and we help both commercial and residential property owners address their unique roofing needs and priorities. Consider the following common focal points:

We take every roof replacement job we do on a case-by-case basis – ensuring that you get the roof you’re looking for in your price range and within a timeframe that works for you.

Tear Off or Overlay

If your roof is beyond repair or you’re simply ready for an upgrade that better suits your needs, there are a range of roof replacement options that break down into the categories of tear-offs and overlays. While tearing off your property’s old roof and starting fresh is a big job, it affords you the ability to do just that – start fresh.

Putting an overlay over your existing roof – just the way it is – comes with advantages of its own, which include cost-effectiveness and speedier construction. Determining the best path forward for you involves careful consideration of the unique circumstances at hand and the skilled guidance of a roofing pro.

Your Roof

The roof of your home or commercial property is the element that’s most vulnerable to the ravages of time and weather, which makes getting a sturdy replacement when you need it key. The integrity of your property hinges on the integrity of your roof, and we’re well prepared to help you protect both in the most cost-effective manner possible.